We enable customers to reduce cost and to improve efficiency of their oil & gas operations. We provide engineered products and tailor made solutions for applications.

Well Stimulation​

Hydraulic Stimulation and Acid Stimulation are well established technologies to allow and improve the flow of oil and gas in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. We have developed a range of products to meet the needs of all kind of reservoir conditions.

Enhanced Oil Recovery​

Polymer Flooding has proven to be a very efficient technology to increase the oil recovery yield in reservoirs around the globe. We are developing and producing polymer-based products to allow implementing polymer flooding in challenging reservoir conditions.


Cementing is a critical part of well construction. Reliable cement placement is key to safe well operations. We provide a whole range of additives to support your cementing jobs and to meet customer requirements.

Chemical Services​

We provide product-development-services to customers in the Oilfield industry. Customers can utilize the extensive chemical know-how of the TouGas team to design new polymer-molecules. We develop manufacturing process up to commercial scale.